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Sleep Not... Warrior Queen has...

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...your action packed into the furious lyrical delivery of a talent on its ascent. To be sure you know, I'm talking about the UK's Warrior Queen. The Warrior Queen, born Anette Hently, brings a distinctly Jamaican bashment vibe with the sound of her flow, she differs from other bashment divas in her connections to the dubstep / garage scene and in her willingness to be on the sharp edge of things to come and other future music forms. Be certain, her music is about the beat and she makes sure people get down.

I started running across her music a couple of years ago and kept picking up the cuts. They keep getting better. Her cast of collaborators is long though notable including The Bug, Ladybug(the Bug's alter ego for female MC's) and The South Rakkas Crew to name a few. Here are some fine examples of her work...




I also have some downloads for you all as well. "Dem-A-Bomb-We" was a Souljazz single and "Things Change" is her newest banger and was produced by the ever hot production of London's Heatwave ...enjoy...

Ladybug feat. Warrior Queen - dem-a-bomb-we

Warrior Queen - Things Change