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Site of the Day: Songbird...Tweet Tweet

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As in Songbirdnest.com, a site that offers an alternative platform to the standard iTunes or WinAmp while also splitting time as an internet browser a la Firefox. And while still working out the kinks, the system promises to let you play...

"The music you want from the sites you want on the devices you want" -founder Rob Lord

Being an open-sourced media player, it allows you to aggregate personal and web-based music collections, podcasts, videos and more. With plug-ins and extensions galore, it could be a very good thing for the music consumer because using it will promote and challenge the conventions of discovery, purchase, consumption and organization of music on the Internet and foster Open Web media standards. Plus it looks cool. And you are cool if you can localize the media you need into one space without cutting back-and-forth to passed web-pages; imagine playing a song while reading the wiki-data on it and scrobbling songs onto the web's best radio station (Last.fm) on a media player with a custom designed skin you created. Damn! that's hot.