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Site of the Day | RootMusic's Band Pages - Easily Promote Your Music on Your Facebook Page

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RootMusic Band Pages

Are you a artist, DJ, or band and have a Facebook Fan Page, but you hate how it handles your music?  Do you wish you could have some of the features like MySpace when it comes to handling your music? Well your prayer might be answered thanks to a company called Rootmusic and their product Band Pages.  Band Pages allows you to create music page similar to MySpace, but better looking and more user friendly. With Band Pages, you can add photos, music, tour dates and your information right in Facebook.  Your fans can even post to your wall without leaving the page. Could this be the final nail in MySpace?  Check out a screenshot of an example page below:

Best of all, the service is free.  They even have videos to show you how to use it.  Give it a try, and if you set one up, post a link in the comments for everyone to see. (via Mashable)