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Riverwest Currency!

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Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood is printing it's own money!

No they are not counterfeit bills, but rather creating a trade and barter system. The idea is to involve locally owned business in a credit system of money that is used only at participating local shops and service providers.

I'm a big advocate of this type of system. It will encourage Milwaukee to keep our business local and it keeps commerce "of the grid". In these hard economic time, I think this is a great idea.

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Milwaukee already has a barter system. http://www.imsbarter.com/ I attached a list of restaurants and bars in milwaukee that are involved. There are several other types of businesses and services that are also involved. It works great, I've been to 3 new restaurants in the past month that I probably would have never gone to before and they were great!

- Robyn L. Warobick, CPA

Thanks Robin!