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Reggae Dynasty

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And if you thought there couldn't possibly be one, think again. Last year saw the rise of Damian Marley with the release of his anthemic Welcome to Jamrock which was followed the year after by his brother Stephen's (pronounced Step-en) excellent album Mind Control. And if two Marley's weren't enough to get into, don't forget about Ky-Mani Marley...

...and the the beautiful album he released earlier this year without much of the hype surrounding either Damian or Stephen Marley's albums.That probly has to do with the fact that the album Radio (Artist Direct Records) is as much hip hop as it is reggae. Not really what you might expect from a Marley son. Radio is an incredible album however, and Ky-Mani has a great flow on tracks that are minimal and yet atmospheric with lyrics that are personal, thoughtful and delivered with the emotion that you would expect from a Marley.

All these Marleys whose music I have been into for most of my life, but know relatively little about, this younger generation. So I scratched up an interview with Ky-Mani, let's check  it out...


You get a taste of the man, and now some of his music...this is the video for "One Time," from his latest album.