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Radiohead to Prince: Don't Be A "Creep"

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A while back I posted a video of Prince covering Radiohead's tune "Creep" at this year's Coachella.  Prince and his lawyers told youtube to pull it down. This is not the first time Prince has spent money on lawyers to tick off fans.  Not to long ago he had Youtube pull down a short video of a 18 month old dancing to a Prince tune which was barely audible. 

A few weeks ago, Radiohead found about Prince's legal stunt, and basically said this is our song, and we should have control of how it is presented.  Thom Yorke told Prince to put the video back online. 

I have a lot of respect for Prince as a musician; but as a businessman, he is terrible.  While Radiohead made more money on the sell of their "In Rainbows" album then some major labels made all year in profits, Prince is spending money on lawyers to attack his fans. Brilliant. 

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