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Purple America: Things we can all agree on

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The election is heating up.  This country is apparently is more divided than ever. You are either live in a red state or blue state. You are either a liberal or a conservative. No one is never in the middle.  Apparently we can't agree on anything in this country.

Well I found something that could change that. It is called "Our Own Agenda: 10 Policies for A Better America".  It was created by Yes Magazine.

Large majorities of Americans agree on some of the most important issues of the day, from health care to war. "Ten Policies for a Better America" shows an agenda most of us can agree on—whether we think of ourselves as red, blue, or some other political color.

It covers issues such as the economy, the Constitution, Families, Energies & Climate, Health Care and others. You can download the poster of "Our Own Agenda: 10 Policies for a Better America" here.