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Our Hearts Go Out to Lala Brown

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Some of you may already know that Milwaukee's R&B singer Lala Brown was found murdered along with her boyfriend.  A really huge loss to the Milwaukee music scene.  She will surely be missed.

From TMJ:

A familiar voice to Milwaukee R & B fans has been silenced. Twenty-one year old Yolanda "La La" Brown and her producer, 22-year-old JeTannue Clayborn, were found dead in their recording studio Friday night.

Milwaukee police say both were found in the Loud Enuff Productionz studio at 55th and Lisbon. Both had gunshot wounds and had been dead at least a day before being discovered. They were reportedly dating.

JeTannue's mother, Dina Chambers, describes him as energetic, with an eye toward making music his career. "He loved music. He loved people. He was very kind. They called him "Koo Laid" because every time you saw him, he was smiling."

We got an message about this through our Myspace page and I would like to share it with you.

By now some of you have heard that Milwaukee's own R&B starlet, Lala Brown was tragically murdered. She was a woman at point zero, and if you ever looked at my page, one of my myspace friends. I meet her briefly at Moct for Amy's Urban Fashion week photo shot. She was lovely and positive. She was hard working and looking towards the future. I am so sad to hear that not only has she passed before seeing her dreams come to be, but that she was murdered.
There is deffinatly a hole in my heart for her. She was me, and she is all of us.
What were the circumstance? What did her murder accomplish? I am deeply wounded by the loss of our humanity. As a Milwaukee citizen, as an artist, as a women, as a black nationalist. We can no longer pick up weapons in anger or jelousy. We must show control, strength, and power in our choices, our words, and our actions.
La La was killed with her boyfriend in the studio. While it is unfortunate, it reminds me that not a single moment of our lives should be wasted.
make peace, make love, stop the violence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Freedom Lover 

Lyfe Jennings feat. Lala Brown