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Offshoots: "Skurban" with The Pack

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A while back I posted a blog about Dgenerate Nation and noted at the time, that everybody loves a good skateboard jam. There already are many rock songs that immortalize the activity which would make sense as I think that many people would associate skateboarding with grungy white kids in suburban parking lots. In a growing trend however, more hip hop seems to be popping up with a similar appreciation for kickflips and ollies and with it a term to describe MC's that skate and the music that they make-- 'Skurban.'

As unaware as I was just months ago when I caught the video from a North Carolina crew called Dgenerate Nation, I am on it now as more and more I find music to represent what is no mere phenomenon (or maybe it's all phenomenal), but what has happened. It's small stretch from the outskirts of suburbia to the hood and the baggy-assed style and slacker degree are a visible testimony to the fact that things are ofter more similar than they would at first seem.

l_eea604127eaacc786a3f7380655fdb96.jpgI digress, but my point is coming; last year, I caught a group called The Pack, with their silly, and infectiously fun single "Vans," an ode to the old-school skaters' choicest canvas kicks. Although I liked the song a bunch, it took awhile for me to actually listen to the album, 2007's Based Boys, and hear what they were coming from. And it's apparent, their love of good times and skating is enduring. From Berkeley, California, the group consists of Damonte "Uno" Johnson, Brandon "Lil B " McCartney, Lloyd "Young L" Omadhebo and Keith "Stunnaman " Jenkins. The Pack was discovered by the veteran rapper Too $hort in 2005. $hort then signed them to his record label, Up All Nite Records. Since then they have released two albums, the most recent the aforementioned Based Boys but they're first was 2006's Skateboards 2 Scrapers. If you've never heard them, hear you can...enjoy...



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