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Not Just for Meatballs: The Swedes got it on Lock

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I don't know what it is. It could be the air, or the water, or all the meatballs. It really doesn't matter. The Swedish music scene is crazy right now especially the Hip hop, electronic and soul scene. The music that is coming out of there is amazing. Tell you the truth, America barely can hold a torch to it. Don't get me wrong, there are artists and music here in the states that is amazing too, but a lot of it is the same old carbon copy music that we hear on commercial radio. Lets take a look at few of Sweden's top talent....

Kissey Asplund a singer from Malmo, Sweden. She is a friend of the Rhythm Lab (she even writes for our blog). Think of her as an Erykah Badu for the 22nd century. She been traveling the states as of late, and has a few releases out on R2 records and my friend's Junior label Recordbreakin' out of Philly. She is has a cool blog as well. Definitely do not sleep on her! Highlight track: "Atomic Light & Sound" produced by Rustie (check it out at her MySpace page

Kissey Asplund - "99 Bottles feat. Bless 1"


Kissey Asplund - "Kissey's Delight" (right click & save as to download)



Mapei is the next artist. She hails from Stockholm, and she is fire on the M.I.C. An MC and singer that has an energetic, party flow. She has performed with Spank Rock and even has done a remix with Ghostface Killah. Even Philly's The Roots got love for her. Don't mess with her because she got a mean freestyle.

Mapei - "Belly (Boody B remix)"


Ghostface Killah - "Charlie Brown feat. Mapei (DJ Mehdi Remix)" (right click & save as to download)


Lykke Li is another artist from Stockholm and she is getting a lot of buzz over here in the states. An amazing singer/songwriter with a pop sensibility and dash of electronic soul. She has a debut album entitled "Youth Novels" which you should get before you get some bad karma. The album is produced by Peter, Bjorn & John. Enough said.

She was raised by artistic parents (her mother was a photographer, her father was a musician) and lived in Portugal for five years, and spent winters in Nepal and India. At one point, she worked as a dancer on Swedish TV shows (from Wikipedia)

Lykke Li - "Little Bit"




I have on more artist for you. His name is Adam Tensta. I heard about him from my peeps at The Couch Sessions He is an Hip Hop artist from a suburb of Stockholm called Tensta(hence his name). Even Perez Hilton is feeling him. Watch out for him....

Adam Tensta - "Before U Know It"



Also check out the blog Discobelle.net for some of the hottest music coming out of Sweden and the label Rawfusion who are putting out some great artists such as Red Astaire.

Let me know if miss any other artists from Sweden....