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"Neighborhood Project": Week Four, Johnsons Park; Really, A Regular Neighborhood

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Listen: You know those big, beautiful houses on 17th Street? The first time I biked by, I nearly crashed -- I couldn't stop staring. While there's no shortage of amazing old houses in Milwaukee, to see house after house of new construction was a shock. A number of questions came to mind (many of which have been answered throughout the course of the neighborhood project), but there were two obvious ones that a little digging around in the Journal wouldn't answer: "Who?" and "Why?"

This week, Liz Drame and Ralph Davis tell us about their investment in Johnsons Park:


Leaving Ralph's house, I noticed an unusual juxtaposition. I was leaving a beautifully furnished, incredibly modern home. The kind, as I mentioned in the piece, I typically associate with suburban living. However, past the front door, there wasn't a cul-de-sac or long driveway waiting for me. Outside, it was unmistakably Milwaukee. I could get used to that.

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