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"Neighborhood Project": Week Five, A Troublesome Corner Store in Johnsons Park

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Listen:  Somehow, a corner store in Johnsons Park had become a destination, a magnet for suspicious business. Perhaps it was the neighborhood's past -- eight years ago, this kind of corner store would hardly be a surprise. But for a burgeoning neighborhood whose residents had invested more than just their life savings, this was not acceptable. 

Tony Gibson, George Lewis, and Liz Drame, members of the Johnsons Park Neighborhood Association and residents of Johnsons Park tell the story of their fight against a corner store in the heart of their community:


This story is not as romantic as some of the stories we've featured during the Neighborhood Project, but the subtlety of the outcome makes it one of my favorites. So much hard work for a result that may not sound amazing on paper, but allow the conclusion to sink in. It's exceptional.

Produced by: Adam Carr