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Muxing it Up with Muxmaster

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The site Muxtape is catching on like wildfire.  If you don't know what Muxtape is, it is a virtual mixtape where you can upload your own music(12 song limit) and share it with the world(see my previous post on it).  I even have one. I love the site and concept with one exception. There was no easy way to navigate through all of them until now.  Muxmaster is an application for the PC and Mac that allows you to visually sort through different muxtapes.  If you know particular muxtape, you can load it in without going to the website. Once you load a muxtape, it also load relevant muxtapes with it.  Previous versions allowed you to download all the songs in the muxtapes. That feature has been removed because of legal concerns which is understandable (still a shame though). (via Demogirl)

The application is free, but you will need to download the Adobe Air application to run it. Once you installed Adobe Air, you can download the Muxmaster application here

Other features I like to see is the ability to embed your muxtape on other sites, the ability to comment, and a facebook application as well.  

Don't forget to checkout my muxtape: thearchitect

I will also love to see your muxtapes. Leave a link to muxtapes in the comments, and I will post them in a later post.