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Mish, Mash SF...point/counterpoint

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Lame title, I know, but I am at a loss for a better one. Here I have a pair of videos, one cool and one funny. The first may be familiar to those that ride track bikes, it is a part of a new move to make art out of the coolest and most fun way to ride a bike...no breaks on one gear and no fear, aka the track bike. Riding track bikes is nothing new really, people have been at it since around the same time bikes were invented (take that haters!) but it has never been such a cool subculture until the last few years as cats have taken this venerable concept out of the velodrome and put it on the streets. Once the realm of wiry, street savvy bike messengers, the steez is being rocked by nearly every hipster from here to New York from Boston to the Bay Area and everywhere in between. Even in spite of its growing pop-ness, there are those sincerely dedicated cats that have made it a way of life, eating, drinking, smoking and doing whatever is possible on their fixies. Apparently, they also make some of the coolest videos since the skateboarders started theirs on the '80's.

Check this one from the Bay Area, perhaps the best known of its type...


Cool! But don't you get the impression that they may be taking themselves a bit too seriously? These cats do too-- hilarious stuff, check it!