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"Meet The Need": Day 45 | Nia Imani Family Inc, Belinda Pittman-McGee

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Listen: On Day 45 of 50 in our Meet The Need, we spend the day with Belinda Pittman-McGee, Executive Director and Founder of Nia Imani Family Inc, a transitional housing program providing women a safe family setting where they learn to parent their children and support themselves. "Start at the beginning." I gave that simple prompt and Belinda needed little else from me. Nearly the entire interview was devoted to her journey from divorce and homelessness with her children to how she got back on her feet and eventually opened Nia Imani.

One of the challenges of working in short-form story telling is how to distill a compelling 4 minute story to just 1 minute. Even more challenging? Serializing a breathtaking 15 minutes into 3 minute-long chunks. Certainly, Belinda was made for long-form, but in these three pieces, you can get a taste of her amazing story:

-Going from married life to homelessness, Belinda found a totally new world in the shelters -- one that compelled her to learn from the women she met:


-After getting out of the shelter, her path to a place that resembled her old life was filled with trials, tribulations, and a lot of hard work:


-Having made it through herself, Belinda now acts a guide for women facing the challenges of transitioning to independence:


To learn more about the Nia Imani Family, visit their website, and if you'd like to help the Nia Imani meet their needs this holiday season, learn how you can help here.

Produced by: Adam Carr