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"Meet The Need": Day 34 | Joy House, Aurelia Brown

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Listen: On Day 34 of 50 of our Meet The Need campaign, a beautiful day in Milwaukee, we hear the stories of Joy House, a Christian-based homeless shelter for women and their children offering residency, training programs, child care, and educational opportunities. I don't want my introduction to distract you from the following three pieces, as Aurelia Brown, assistant director of Joy House, paints a vivid and engaging picture of what they do at Joy House:

-A woman who came to Joy House after having worked all her life, and how she gradually shed her layers of defensiveness to get to the roots of her problems:


-Aurelia takes us to a family fun night at Joy house -- a welcome relief for the families dealing with difficult day to day lives:


-The story begins with a young woman having a television at Christmas, and takes an unexpected turn:


To learn more about Joy House, visit their website, and if you'd like to help Joy House meet their needs this holiday season, learn how you can help here.

Produced by: Adam Carr