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"Meet The Need": Day 30 | CSSW's Foster Parent Program, Paulette Drankiewicz

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Listen: As our Meet The Need campaign turns 30 days old, we take a look at one of the Children Service Society of Wisconsin's (CSSW) many initiatives -- their push to recruit foster parents in the Milwaukee area. Throughout this campaign, we've encouraged our listeners (you!) to help these organizations through financial contributions, volunteering, or by meeting any other need they might have. Of course, each of these organizations is incredibly worthy of your contributions.

What the CSSW is asking, however, is a little bit different; they are asking you to get directly involved in a child's life and provide directly for their needs. Why make such a seemingly substantial commitment? Perhaps the answer can be found as a theme we saw repeatedly in this Fall's Make A Difference campaign -- the more you give, the greater the reward. In many ways, the emotional reality of a foster parent is complex. There's so much attachment and loss and struggle and celebration. But in the end, whether the child joins your family, moves onto a new home, or rejoins their parents, the rewards really are straightforward -- for a child who really needs support, foster parents make a major difference.

Of course, you don't have to take my word for it. Listen as foster parent Paulette Drankiewicz share some of the life changing experiences that she's had as a foster parent:

-Although oftentimes a foster child comes into a family temporarily, the difference that can be made in that short period of time can be immense:


-This piece probably drove home the point clearest for me because it feels a bit counterintuitive at first -- imagine yourself being happy because a child in your care is naughty:


-A boy born at 25 weeks without pre-natal care can make a lot of progress in the right environment:


Follow this link more information on CSSW's foster care initiative, and if you'd like to join Paulette as a foster parent this holiday season, learn how you can help here.

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