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"Meet The Need": Day 25 | St. Rose Youth and Family Center, Jim Maro

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Listen: As we reach the halfway mark in our Meet The Need campaign, Day 25 of 50 (can you believe time travels so fast!), we meet St. Rose Youth and Family Center, an organization serving troubled girls and young women through residential and therapeutic day education programs, as well as a unique on-site school for troubled girls. This is a particularly vulnerable population, which is aptly illustrated by young women that age out of the foster care system. When a young woman reaches the age of 18, she is on her own. If she is not prepared to be self-sufficient, where can she turn?

This leads directly to a moment in our interview where Executive Director Jim Maro introduced me to a completely new angle on basic needs (which is difficult, when you spend 50 days in a row thinking about basic needs all day every day); the idea of sustaining relationships as a basic need. Jim does a great job of developing this idea below, but try something for a moment -- imagine your life without any of the steady and positive relationships you've had. You can take it a step further and replace those with temporary and potentially abusive relationships, but for me, it's already apparent that my life would be in a completely different state without the support network I've had throughout my life.

Jim Maro, President and Executive Director of St. Rose Youth and Family Center, brings us inside the St. Rose Youth and Family Center:

-How St. Rose formed their mission and how it's evolved in their 161 years:


-The idea of nurturing and sustaining relationships as a basic need:


-During our interview, this quote: "Many times, the community views 'kids in trouble' as 'troubled kids'" really caught my attention. Jim explains:


-A young woman who started with a set of seemingly insurmountable circumstances:


For more information on the St. Rose Youth and Family Center, and if you'd like to help the St. Rose Youth and Family Center meet their needs this holiday season, learn how you can help here.

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