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The Meaning of the flag...pin?

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Recently, in the news, the flag lapel pin has been an issue with Senator Obama. Some people and the media question his patriotism based off a small plastic object. Is patriotism nothing but a fashion statement? Is not patriotism your actions, your deeds, your commitment on serving others and making this country better? Is not patriotism upholding the foundation of this country which is the Constitution?

You know, I don’t wear a flag lapel pin. Am I a communist spy, or maybe a terrorist operative? My parents don’t wear a pin either, should they be deported for their lack of loyalty and patriotism. Hell, why not judge my patriotism by my name: Tarik Jelani Moody. So names like John Smith is somewhat more patriotic than Tarik?

Why is it bad to be a Muslim in this country? Is it because of what happen when a bunch of terrorists that committed a very evil act against this country over 7 years ago happen to be Muslim. Thus all Muslims are all like that? If that is true, the ku klux klan represents all southern white Christians. What about the Oklahoma City bombing that was committed by an average American with a very American name - Timothy McVeigh (not a Muslim name). In this country, we didn’t go after people like him, we just went after him.

We need to treat people based off their actions not their faith, not their race, not their sex, but what they do.

Oh yeah. I forgot. I do wear a flag pin, it is my Army uniform I wear once a month and two weeks out of year. My parents also have pins as well. There pins are called Mother and Father. One of my good friends has one to. It is called a doctor. The other friend is wearing one called a Marine and is serving in Iraq right now. So what is your pin?

I serve in the Army to uphold the Constitution and to protect the rights of all not just a select few.

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