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"Make A Difference": Milwaukee SCORES | David, Volunteer

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[caption id="attachment_1368" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="David (it's a New Zealand accent, by the way)"]David Henderson - SCORES CUP[/caption]

Listen: As we've seen throughout the Make A Difference campaign, people come to volunteering for a variety of personal reasons -- family, free time, a personal cause. But how about a fund raising favor for a friend?

David Henderson came to Milwaukee SCORES to help out a friend, Associate Director of SCORES John Eggebrecht, securing some financial backing for a benefit soccer tournament from his employer Stark Investments. However, as he got a feel for what SCORES does, he couldn't help but get more involved in more SCORES programming. He doesn't play soccer, and he's not much of a writer, but the kids drew him in. In this piece you can hear a healthy dose of the SCORES kids, including a breathtaking poem by Andres Garcia at the beginning (it actually won him a trip to the New York, where he read that poem for the New York Stock Exchange):


Something to notice in this piece -- Andres' entire soccer team has heard him read his poem multiple times and still hold him to the nickname "Nacho." I really like that. The relationships they develop as SCORES team mates/writers are so unique.

And did you notice where the kids are playing soccer? It wasn't a traditional soccer field -- they were actually playing in a parking lot at Windlake Elementary School in Lincoln Village (our old friend). It was drizzling and the blacktop was a little slippery, but the kids were so happy just to be playing soccer. In fact, I'm not sure if you can tell the difference, but they were actually excited to talk on mic, which is very rare for middle school kids.

For more information on Milwaukee SCORES, visit their website. Also, if you're interested in getting involved with Milwaukee SCORES, contact them for more information on volunteering.

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