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"Make A Difference": Meta House | Susan, Yoga Instructor and Volunteer

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Listen: In my initial conversations with Meta House, I was unsure about what type of interviews I would get. While I had an understanding of what the organization does, the exact role of volunteers didn't immediately jump out at me. As I discovered, volunteers play a crucial role at Meta House, but they may not work in the capacities you might expect.

To begin with, my primary contact with Meta House was Lucy Benka, a volunteer who does public relations work for Meta House. Although she doesn't work directly with clients, her devotion to the mission of Meta House was apparent in the massive amount of the logistics we went through together (these things require a ton of e-mails and phone calls!).

Lucy was able to connect me with two volunteers, one who works on the clinical side (look out for this piece on Thursday) and the other on the holistic side of their approach to drug rehabilitation. Susan Lubar-Solvang donates her time to Meta House as a yoga instructor, perhaps not the first thing you'd associate with volunteering at a drug rehabilitation shelter. In this piece, interspliced with the interview I did with Susan, you can hear audio both from her class as well as interviews she conducted with her students after the class. The incredibly candid and honest answers from her students are a personal highlight of the Make A Difference campaign thus far:


For more information on Meta House, visit their website. Also, if you're interested in getting involved with Meta House, this is a direct link to their volunteering page.

(Interesting note -- Susan's son is currently working as a production intern for 88Nine and is sitting in the room with me right now! What a coincidence!)

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