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"Make A Difference": Habitat For Humanity | Kim Chick, Construction Supervisor

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[caption id="attachment_1181" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Kim, getting it done."]Kim getting it done.[/caption]

Listen: We're spending the second week of the Make A Difference campaign in the warehouse, on the construction sites, and with the wonderful people of Habitat For Humanity. It's an organization whose name is instantly recognizable, one that works all over the world to provide "simple, decent, and affordable housing" built by volunteer labor and sold at no profit.

What you may not know is that Milwaukee Habitat For Humanity has made a major impact on our community, working in neighborhoods including Metcalfe Park, Washington Park, Walnut Hill, and Midtown. This year, Habitat will be leaving its mark in Park West, the Woodland Condomiums, and the Harambee neighborhood.

In this piece, I visited a site in Harambee to speak with Kim Chick, a construction supervisor with Milwaukee Habitat. In between hammer swings, circular sawing, and directing her volunteers, Kim told me a little about Habitat's amazing Women Build program (more on that later) and shared some of her own personal history with the organization:


For more information on Habitat For Humanity Women Build, visit their website. Also, if you're interested in getting involved with Habitat For Humanity, this is a direct link to their volunteering page.

(By the way -- I sometimes feel a little out of place when I'm recording ambient sounds for production pieces, but walking around a construction site holding a microphone up to folks working hard to build a house might take the cake. See below.)

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