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"Make A Difference": Habitat For Humanity | Joy Macon and Women Build

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[caption id="attachment_1195" align="aligncenter" width="467" caption="Joy on the first day of Build Week!"]Joy on the first day of Build Week![/caption]

Listen: I knew the site was somewhere on Richards, but I hadn't written down the address, so I biked down the street with my eyes peeled and ears open for construction. The first site I passed wasn't quite what I was looking for (about 10 volunteers, mostly men), but there was no mistaking the second -- a beehive of activity, the sound of hammering almost overwhelming, all women doing the work. I found Milwaukee Habitat For Humanity's 2009 Women Build site.

I have to say, the scene was so impressive, I found it really difficult to capture it with audio. In fact, it took me a little over an hour of poking around the construction site to really get a handle on how amazing of a project Women Build really is. In this piece, we hear from a few volunteers as well as some reflections from Joy Macon, the home owner of this year's house.


For more information on Habitat For Humanity Women Build, visit their website. Also, if you're interested in getting involved with Habitat For Humanity, this is a direct link to their volunteering page.

Produced by: Adam Carr

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="196" caption="The week before Build Week!"]The week before Build Week![/caption]