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Kuduro Bom

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Once upon a time I had the opportunity to travel through Western Europe, along the way I found myself inexplicably drawn to the farthest Western shore. Portugal in particular. Can't really say why other than I'd heard it was cool and a bit out of the mainstream for Europe in addition to being a bit cheaper to live which was the clincher for me and my modest budget. Lisbon, or Lisboa as it is for those that live there, was where I went, where I found incredible music and scenes not seen.

In particular, I found strange, small African clubs with names that had too many consonants for me to pronounce, frequented by Angolans, Brazilians and Portuguese, and music that demanded you dance. Hot like tropics, the beat is like liquid Dancehall or drumline Soca, super uptempo with a very specific, but creative style to the dance. When you do the dance correctly it looks like you have no knees and more bones. The sound is called Kuduro.


The Kuduro sound is oddly electro with synthesized beats and a heavy rhythm. In many ways seems similar to Baile Funk from the favelas of Brasil in terms of style and synthesis of American Bass music and hip hop to an African rhythm. It makes sense since the style (both music and dance) originate from Angola, another of Portugal's erstwhile colonies.

I could get deeper but enjoy the links. As far as artists to explore: Helder and Frederic Galliano are both at the forefront as well as the extremely hot Buraka Som Systema, who have been remixing for some of the hottest stars on the international scene. Here's a video from the aforementioned Frederic Galliano...


and even better...


Enjoy, and if you have more music, blog me back.

Guru Amrit