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Kraken Dubs...Warrior Style

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It's been a bit of time since I posted about the dubstep movement, the latest now sound that has been shaping my playlists when I dj around town-- and I can think of no better moment for the genre to get down with a hot new anthem here. While dubstep may be a bit too hot for commercial airtime on the station, fel free to drop by on any given club night of mine and you'll likely get a dose.


One of the hotter cuts in dubstep (or any genre really) is the latest scorcher from Benga & Coki (rhymes with manga and rocky) called "Night." One of those cuts that has like ten unofficial remixes before it ever comes out, and we're talking remixes from some of the world's most exciting producers like 190-Bass and Buraka Som Sistema. And out is what it is, the single was released on the 12th of this month and still nearly impossible to find on vinyl outside of the voracious UK scene that feeds it; it is a banger. Guaranteed however, is the fact that while the public may not dive into this song per se, they will hear it change production and style of the overall mainstream sound.

How could it not, dubstep artists like Benga, Coki, Caspa, Burial, Skream and Kode 9 (just to name a few), are all among the hottest sounds on the market. And when the full length album called Warrior, from the aforementioned Benga drops in March, dubstep will have entered a new maturity. And the reason I say all this is for a song I will let you be the judge of. Not only is the song good, but the video is...well, you be the judge...



...you gotta' love this.

Guru Amrit