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John Sieger on this Friday's 414 Music

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Tune in this Friday at 5:30pm for 414 Music. Dirty Soul Scott Mullins will have John Sieger live in our studios.

John Sieger is singer/songwriter in an earlier sense of the word. In other words, before there were singer/songwriters (read James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and less talented adherents baring their souls and exposing their diaries to the cruel light of day), there were acts such as Chuck Berry, Smoky Robinson, Buddy Holly and The Beatles singing songs they wrote. Please, if you don't mind, lump him in with that group of artists who see value in entertainment and think Saturday nights should release a little of the week's built up tensions. John would prefer to be paying an electric guitar (Strat or Dano) when all of this happens, but has been known to hoist an old Gibson Southern Jumbo or Country Western model and perform solo.

Catch John Sieger May 31st at Shank Hall.

John Sieger - "What is the Measure"
[audio=http://www.needledrop.net/audio/John Sieger-What is the Measure.mp3]

John Sieger - "Is That All You"
[audio=http://www.needledrop.net/audio/John Sieger-Is That All You.mp3]