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Introducing Sound Travels

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Yo! Sat nam, namaste, bienvenudos, konichiwa y comment ca va?

Marcus here in that global gear that we're about to start here at RadioMilwaukee. It's Sound Travels, my new feature dedicated to diversity-- an homage to the many and myriad modes of music that manifest and move people the world over.

As many of you know already, I am all about a wide range of styles: from reggae to cumbia, samba to afro-soul, Gypsy jams to tribal drums and all forms far-flung, fit-for-a-club or more homespun. Cuts to stitch together sets woven from traditions that grow the seeds of sounds that travel the world inspiring new generations of creativity. They inspire me, and with Sound Travels, my three song set of global grooves every Friday at Noon, I'll show you how.

It's all about Ubuntu, an African concept that sees humanity in terms of its relationships with others. Positively speaking, the message is unity, and that idea based more on how we are connected than on how we are distant. Sound Travels brings, bit by bit, the world into focus my example of the sounds we make, use and relate.

Set a date for Friday at noon. Kicking things off this Friday will be a special session of sounds from Jamaicans working their distinctive musical idiom in places, styles and sounds in the world around. It's reggae, but not like you've heard before...tune in Friday to hear what I have in store. Also, be sure to check the Soundboard for specific details on Sound Travels sets, and the artists that make them. While you're there, Hip Me to something new from your world-- share travel stories and make a case for music to be played on Sound Travels... Be Heard! This is RadioMilwaukee!