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I love that Milwaukee has pride in the Brewers but...

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I just started thinking while I was editing the video footage from Record Store Day at Exclusive Company this past Saturday. I really love that Milwaukee has so much  pride and love for the Milwaukee Brewers.  It brings people of different backgrounds together.  It is a thing that unites this city.  But, I would love to see the same pride in Milwaukee music. Don't get me wrong there are quite a lot of people who love Milwaukee music; however it is not on the same level as the Brewers.

The Milwaukee music scene is rich and full of diverse talent.  It would be great if mainstream media outlets would showcase Milwaukee music.  The Brewers could feature a Milwaukee band or artist at a home game or even have a band play at a game.  That would be amazing.  The Milwaukee music needs to be on the National stage just at the Brewers are.  Just like people know the players, I would love to see the average Milwaukeean know different Milwaukee artists and their music. Just as it would be cool to see the Brewers in the World Series, it would be cool to see a Milwaukee artist go home with a Grammy or a MTV Video Music Award.

Your Thoughts?  If you are a fan of Milwaukee music, pass this along and let everyone that you have pride in Milwaukee music.