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The Hottest Record in the World?!!

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I spend a lot of my spare time searching for new music (I know kind of pathetic). Because of it, you would of not heard of Valentina, Santogold, Sam Sparro, and other new artists.  Sometimes to find new music, I play a little game  called six degrees of myspace.  This is where I start with an artist I like and then click on  his or hers music friends, and see what I come up with.  Last night I was on Valentina's producer Blue May's myspace page, and I started clicking and I stumbled on this band out of London called The Invisible.The band consists of three members: Dave Okumu, Tom Herbet, and Leo Taylor, and they are signed to Matthew Herbert's (best known for working with Bjork) label Accidental.

I was really impressed with their sound especially the song Monsters Waltz. It is such powerful, dramatic tune.  Apparently, BBC's Radio 1's Zane Lowe proclaimed the track: "The Hottest Record in The World" (I guess great minds think a like).  Check it out for yourself and see if it is the hottest or at least luke warm.


The Invisible - Monsters Waltz

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Here is a video of The Invisible performing Monsters Waltz live.

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