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Hipped By You: Atlatl

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"Hipped by You..." is a new feature on the Soundboard blog where we take some of your suggestions from our listener supported blog "Hip Us To Something New" and highlight an artist or band.

The first band Hipped by You is a Milwaukee band called Atlatl. I actually ran in to Jeremy from the band at the Jazz Estate this past Monday during the Evan Christian show. He was telling me how he found out that a Brian highly reccomended his band on "Hip Us to Something New" Check out the video below.

Here is the comment from Brian:

There is a great Milwaukee band called Atlatl that I saw play at the Cactus Club last week. I think these guys are going to make it. This is the best local band I have ever heard in Milwaukee. I had no idea who they were until I saw their articles in the Onion and the Shepherd in promotion for that Cactus Club show. If you have any of their music, please do everyone a favor and get it into your rotation.

This comment was from Jeremy of Atlatl:

This is Jeremy from Atlatl. Thanks so much for the compliments. That is pretty rad of you. We appreciate you coming to that show and we really appreciate you promoting us. We actually have given 2 copies of our EP to 88.9 already. So hopefully it comes soon. I wasn't sure if it was good form to respond to that on here, but damn... that was pretty flattering.

We love to hear what you are listening to. Just go over to RadioMilwaukee's "Hip Us To Something New" blog and make a suggestion, and maybe your pick will get highlighted here.

Atlatl - "My Devil's Evangelical"


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