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Guru Amrit Singh

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Getting this blog rolling has been my task now for the first couple of weeks now. As almost an afterthought, the Architect (aka Tarik) who was my technical counsel on the startup, asked me for a title for the blog. Since I was in the middle of writing the first blog, the question was almost distracting, busy as I was. So almost offhand thought/spoke why not my real name, if I'm going to be writing about how I feel about music?

Yep, my actual factual birth name is Guru Amrit Singh, Marcus came much later.

While it has been easier to wear a more 'normal' name, I have always felt that Guru Amrit represents my truest self even if I haven't been comfortable with that throughout my life. Since it's the title of my public blog, it has been pointed out to me that I owe my audience some sort of explanation and that's totally fair. So without getting too autobiographical, but to let ya'll know where I am coming from, I'll just say that the name is Asian in origin.

Specifically, Punjabi and though I am not from India, I was raised as a Sikh by my parents who had converted to that religion at some point in the early '70's. So when I was born sometime after that, I was given a name with origins in that area. The Punjab, is a region/state in India as well as in Pakistan sits at the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains and is home to a group of people called Sikhs. Pretty interesting connection considering I'm about as African/French/Irish/German/Native American as you can get. Oddly enough, my mix makes me look vaguely Indian or Punjabi anyway though.

Working on condensing, the name was actually given to me by my parents' teacher, a cat known as Yogi Bhajan, who named me based on the numerology of my birth date. So I was dubbed Guru Amrit Singh. Breaking it down: Guru is one who takes you from darkness (ie. lack of awareness) to light (or awareness), Amrit means nectar, which in this case means knowledge or wisdom, and Singh is a general ending for males and means lion (ie of God).

That's it-- Guru Amrit Singh, the Dispenser Of the Divine Nectar, Soothsayer, Seer...or just Marcus...it's all me. All said, I think it's a good title for my blog and a bit of my highest self for me to live up to. So now you all know who I really am. Sat Nam*.

PS: Look out next week as I delve into Punjabi music, fun stuff...
*Sanskrit/Gurumukh for "Truth is my essence".