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Listen and Download New Music From Milwaukee's The Delta Routine & Klassik

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So far in 2012, there have been some amazing releases from Milwaukee artists and bands.  So far, two of my favorite releases are from Lorn and Surgeons In Heat.  Now, two artists are about to drop their respective albums within the coming weeks, and I can't be more excited. The Delta Routine will be releasing their album Cigarettes and Caffeine Nightmares on October 9th.  You can listen and download a taste in the song "Switchblade." The track sounds like early Oasis, but with a definite Midwest vibe.

Next is producer/singer/rapper Klassik, whose last EP got some major play on 88Nine.  He has a new album called In The Making and will be released on September 25 via Bandcamp.  He released a track from that album called Enemy/Inner Me, which is a definite evolution of his sound from his last release, The Death of A Beatmaker.  Take a listen below.  I hope both these artists apply to showcase their music down at SXSW this year!!! 

Here is a video trailer for Klassik's forthcoming album In The Making. (via JSOnline's Hip Hop Takeover Blog)