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Freebie: Atmosphere "Guarantees" A good Album

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Even though Ant and Slug are skipping Milwaukee on their tour, I can guess I can forgive them. I guess I just paint that sh*t gold. You did Chicago twice, really. Anyway their album "When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint that Sh*t Gold" is out. I am reallying digging it. It seem more personal and insightful than the last. But what I dig the most, is the packaging for the deluxe edition. This edition includes not only the cd, but a sad clown dvd, and a children story wrapped in a lovely package.

Standard Packaging

They even launched a album specific website where you can 'tag' any other website with gold paint and save it to the gallery (they are really taking this painting sh*t literally). You can also stream some of the album at the site too.

A "tagged" website

They even have some free music at the site to grab.

Atmosphere - "Guarantees"(download)