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Summerfest will be closed July 4th

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What would summer in Milwaukee be without Summerfest? It's funny to think about the World's Largest Music Festival, when there is snow in the weekend forecast, but today a BIG announcement was made about the BIG GIG.

Summerfest announced Thursday morning that it will hold its festival on Wed., June 29th through Sunday, July 3rd and Tuesday, July 5th through Sunday, July 10th.  BUT NOT on Monday July 4th.

One immediately finds it odd to close the festival on Independence Day.  So many Milwaukeeans celebrate the 4th by walking the festival grounds, enjoying some great music and eating.  But this year's experiment seems to be more motivated by the day of the week, than the Holiday date.

It seems that fest goers told Summerfest that they were least likely to go to the festival on a Monday.  So Milwaukee World Festival Inc, decided to change up the schedule a bit. The festival tractional opens on a Thursday night, and runs a week and a half until Sunday for a total of 11 days of live music.  According to a statement from the festival's President Don Smiley, the festival wants to try the new schedule out and see if it actually helps the overall attendance of the festival.



What do YOU think of this move?

Will this effect your 4th of July holiday?

Is this a good move for Summerfest?

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