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Don't Sleep On: Quadron

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For the last couple of years, Swedish artist have been dominating my personal playlists.  Now it looks like Sweden's neighbor to the south, Denmark, is trying to squeeze in. The Danish duo is named Quadron, and I first heard of them through our fam over at The Couch Sessions. Quadron's sound is what I would call 'Refreshing Soul'. The duo consists of producer Robin Hannibal from Owusu & Hannibal and singer Coco Malaika.  The American soul and R&B scene can learn a little something from this duo

There was very little known about this duo other than they released their own debut back in the summer, and it was only available as an import and downloadable via iTunes and Amazon. Now I think the U.S. will get to learn more about them thanks to a recent record deal with the U.S. label Plug Research. The label is best known for releasing music from artists such as Flying Lotus, Bilal, Daedelus, Mia Doi Todd, Ammon Contact, and others. The album will be released later this year with worldwide distribution.  Trust me when I say, "Definitely Do Not Sleep On Quadron!"

Quadron - "Buster Keaton"

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Quadron - "Slippin"

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[vimeo http://vimeo.com/7336719]