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Don't Sleep On...

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Just picked up Dub Gabriel's new release, Anarchy & Alchemy-- and have yet to put it down, s'on lock i-pod rocks blocks on my way to work these days. No surprise because I felt the same about the last release, 2005's Bass Jihad. Both releases share an evident love of equal parts dub reggae, middle-eastern esoterics and pure bass. While Bass Jihad was almost entirely instrumental, this new release is all about collaboration and features a variety of artists, from singjay Juakali, to dubstep chanter Jah Dan, even Michael Stipe(yep, that one) make appearances on the album. Up and comers, 77 Klash see time on the dubstep dusted dirty south bounce of "Crooklyn Clouds." Poetess Karen Gibson Rock, opens a conscious blast of lyrical Shakti fire on the aptly titled "Spirit Made Flesh;" all over an absolutely crucial revision of Lee Perry's "Underground Root." Even Yo Majesty, everybody's favorite pint-sized razor-mouthed rapper, spits dirty verses on the club-weight cut "Pony Girl."

On the whole, I like the attitude the album flexes, how it manages to be hard in an entirely interesting way. The dub bass meets Middle-Eastern crunk angle works well and with the right sound, that bass might just mmake you move. Peep these cuts yo!

Dub Gabriel feat. Karen Gibson Rock "Spirit Made Flesh"


Dub Gabriel feat. Jah Dan "Chasing The Paper"


Plus here's the video for "Mash Out"