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Contest: Animate Radiohead

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Radiohead The band that had the biggest headline in 2007 with their album "In Rainbows" are trying to continue to create headlines in 2008 with a contest to create the next Radiohead music video. Radiohead and Animation site Aniboom join forces to hold a contest for Radiohead fans to produce an animated music video of one of Radiohead's songs from their latest album "In Rainbows".  You could win a huge chunk of change.  The contest started on March 17th.

I think this is great, and it is sad that a band gets that there is huge shift in the music industry and is moving with it while radio stations and major record labels are stuck in the past and losing money.  When you give fans a choice whether it is determining how much music is worth or actually involved in creating content for the music they love (i.e. video, remixes, etc.), you are guaranteed to have a loyal fan base and profits.


Here are  details of the contest:

Competition begins March 17, 2008
You upload your original storyboard which can range from basic sketches to storyboard in video format or a fully developed animated video clip using ONLY songs from RadioHead’s new album inRainbows.
Uploads are not viewable on the site for the first 3 weeks.
When storyboards go public, aniBoom members’ view and rate storyboards for a period of 3 weeks.
10 “semi-finalists” are selected by audience ranking which is calculated using a formula which takes into account the number of votes, their value and total views together with an aniBoom editorial committee approved by TBD Records, the label that launched “InRainbows”.
Each semi-finalist is given $1,000 to create a one minute video clip based on their storyboard. Others can still submit a one minute video clip but are not provided funding.
From those that did not receive funding, the aniBoom editorial committee will select one additional video clip to join the semi-finalists and enter the Finals Round.
For a period of two weeks, the aniBoom community will vote for their favorites and the five (5) highest ranked will be presented to Radiohead.
The winning video selected by Radiohead will receive $10,000 provided by aniBoom to create the full music video within a time period to be determined by aniBoom.
The final video will receive web-wide distribution with marketing support by aniBoom.

Check out this fan create video of Radiohead's "All I Need" created by J. Tyler Helms