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"Be Heard": Milwaukee's Water Privatization Discussion Continues

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Listen: One of my least favorite slogans for Milwaukee: "A Great City On A Great Lake." I could never figure out why it didn't rub me the right way, but the recent discussion over water privatization in Milwaukee may have put the answer into focus -- the slogan is too indefinite and impersonal. It's not "Our Great City On Our Great Lake," or even "A Great City On It's Great Lake." The wording implies it's just a lake that we happen to border. And that's it -- I've always felt like Lake Michigan was ours.

In the recent weeks, the prospect of privatizing our waterworks has been a hot topic of conversation. Everyone agrees that we wouldn't be exploring options like this if the budget weren't in a dire state, but we need to squeeze out some cash from somewhere. Is selling our water to a corporation the quick fix we're looking for? If not, where else can we turn?

On Monday, June 15th, a group of concerned citizens, organizations (including but not limited to Keep Public Our Water (KPOW) and Milwaukee Riverkeepers), and giant puppets gathered in front of City Hall to voice their opinions. Hear some of the voices from the rally:


For more info, read WISN.com's report on the rally, or check out a recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article.

This is an ongoing conversation that will probably continue in the upcoming weeks, so keep your eyes and ears open for developments.

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