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“Be Heard”: 4th Street Forum | Wisconsin's Green Economy

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This week at the 4th Street Forum: What will be the savior of our ailing economy? If you listen to political speeches an exciting and cutting edge Green Economy has been the answer, time after time. Green-collar jobs, eco-friendly business, environmentally-responsible industry. But what does the rhetoric really mean? How will funding work and who will benefit? What will it all look like in Milwaukee?

To take on these questions, the 4th Street Forum assembled a great group of panelists including Ann Beier, the City of Milwaukee's Environmental Sustainability Director, Curtiss Harris, Executive Director of Milwaukee's African American Chamber of Commerce, Melissa Scanlan, Founder and Senior Counsel of Midwest Environmental Advocates, and Neal Verfuerth, President and CEO Orion Energy Systems.

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Catch the full episode of 4th Street Forum on MPTV this Friday at 10PM (Channel 10) and on Sunday afternoon at 3PM (Channel 36).

The 4th Street Forum is back next week with their season finale -- “MPS: Money, Control, and Kids Too.” A financial crisis. A possible takeover from the elected school board. At stake, the future of 85,000 children. Does anyone know what to do?

More information on the 4th Street Forum is available at their website. You can also check out the embarrassment of riches that is their video archives here .

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