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"Be Heard": 4th Street Forum | MPS + X = Success?

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This week at the 4th Street Forum: This week, 4th Street continues their commitment to the ongoing conversation about education in Milwaukee, taking on the challenges of urban education faced by MPS. Everybody agrees that the system needs to improve, but exactly what the system needs is a widely debated issue. The possibilities are dizzying. Do we need to hold teachers more accountable? Is it the administrators? Are the students to blame? Do we need an entirely new approach altogether?

Hear remarks from the distinguished group of panelists, including Anneliese Dickman (Research Director of the Public Policy Forum), Jay Bullock (English Teacher at Bay View High School and blogger on education), Gary Williams (Assistant Professor of Urban Education and Director of the Institute for Cultural Research at UW-Milwaukee), and Alan Borsuk (Education Columnist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel):

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Catch this episode of 4th Street Forum on Friday at 10PM and Sunday morning at 9am on Milwaukee Public Television (Channel 10.1).

The 4th Street Forum is back next week with "Troubled Children: Challenging School and Society." Too many kids fail to thrive or even survive in school. What's wrong? Can we save these struggling children? Must we, for the sake of a healthy, productive, and just society?

More information on the 4th Street Forum is available at their website. You can also check out the embarrassment of riches that is their video archives here .

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