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Who is Banksy? Is the artist more important than the art?

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Some of you may recognize the above image. If not, it was created by an unknown UK artist by the name of Banksy. He or She is a street artist known for creating controversial and provocative images.  As of late, it seems people are more interested in who the artist is than the message in his art.  Just recently, a British newspaper says that they know the identity of the "infamous" graffiti artist.  I think this is quite unfortunate. Why?  It seems in our culture today, society is more interested in the messenger than the message whether it is music, art, or even politics.  Take for example MTV. It used to be about music and the art of the video. Now it is all about the celebrity and being famous for know other reason than to be famous.  We care more about what artist is sleeping with who than their work.  Do you think society cares more about the messenger than the message? If so, Is it going to get worse or better?

Here are a couple of videos about the Banksy's work and his unknown identity.  Which is more interesting to you? His work, or who he is?

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