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Vote For Your Favorite Comedian In The Milwaukee Midwest Stand Up Comedy Competition | Semi-Finals Round 1

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88Nine RadioMilwaukee has partnered with Eleven Eleven Presents for a competition to find out just who the best comic in Milwaukee is. Who it is we don't know but by the end of September we will. We'll see who can edge out the rest in a winner takes all comedy tournament.

An audience will judge the contestants by ballot and the top 3 comics will have the opportunity to perform a routine no more than three minutes long during the 88.9 Morning Show the Monday after each preliminary round hosted by the personality who hosted the prior Friday show.

If we've lost you by now, come back because this is where you come in. Below are two comics' routines for the second round that aired on 88Nine.  Listen to them and then pick your favorite one by clicking the up arrow to the right of the audio player.

Performances from Friday's semifinals contest will be posted on Eleven Eleven Presents' website.  Winners will be announced at the next Friday’s show and on Radiomilwaukee.org and Elevenelevenpresents.com Saturday morning.

You can check out video performances from the comics here.

Listen to the routines at the bottom of the page and vote for your favorite.