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Tori Amos Releasing "Comic Book Tattoo"

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Tori Amos has been known for standing out in a crowd and now a crowd of another kind; comic heads. I was surfing the net months ago and ran across this but had to wait to bring a part of the visual to the soundboard. The cover to this 480-page anthology was illustrated by Jason Levesque, a sneak peak into the masterpiece thanks to Comic Book Resources.

Amos has been working very close with the project alongside editor, Rantz Hoseley. "Comic Book Tattoo" will feature work including Chris Arrant, Ivan Brandon, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Mike Dringenberg, Elzabeth Genco, Daniel Heard, Jonathan Hickman, Neil Kleid, Hope Larson, David Mack, Laurenn McCubbin, Carla Speed McNeil, Christopher Mitten, and Callum Watt, whom all submitted work inspired by sounds of Tori Amos.

“The end result is something pretty amazing. We’ve got this huge number of really insanely talented creators bringing their ‘A’ game on a wide variety of themes, genres, topics and subject matter. We’ve got science fiction, fantasy, historical drama, slice of life character studies, and some stories that really play with the rules of the traditional comic form, resulting in stories that could only be done in comics format, and the kind of boundary-pushing that you don’t see all that often."

"Comic Book Tattoo" will be available in comic book stores July 23, and everywhere July 29. The release will be held at the San Diego Comic Con International, July 23-27.

Press play and enjoy the sneak preview.

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From "Gold Dust" by Hope Larson.