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SXSW 2013 | Franklin's BBQ, A Two-Hour Long Line To Culinary Heaven

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This is my first full day at SXSW, I decided to get some BBQ. You can’t go to Austin without getting some proper BBQ. Apparently, the BBQ joint I chose to visit isn’t your run of the mill restaurant. Franklin is the name of the establishment, and it is considered to have one of the country’s best BBQ. Even Anthony Bourdain covered this establishment on his show ‘No Reservations’ last year. The one thing I found out about this place is that I had to get there at least a hour before it opens, and wait at least couple of hours in line before I can even sample Franklin’s claim to fame – its world famous brisket.

While waiting in line on a dreary Friday with at least a hundred of other BBQ fans, I met a Franklin veteran by the name of Ivan and his friend Randy. I decided to get the story behind Franklin and the reason behind the long wait.


Franklin Veteran Ivan

After the long wait, I finally sampled the ribs, sausage, and their world famous brisket. To be honest, it was the most amazing BBQ I have ever tasted. The experience was almost spiritual. It was definitely worth the very long wait.