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Sound Travels: Global Mash III

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Sound Travels : Mashout The Third !!!


21kqf96kh9l_sl160_aa115_1. Nass El Ghiwane : "Lahdia" A musical group appeared in the late 60's in Morocco. Whenever mentioned in the Western literature, they are referred to as The Rolling Stones of Africa, as American producer Martin Scorsese once put it. They are living legends who merged the rich repertoire of traditional music of Morocco with modern subjects. This was my intro to Gnawa music of North Africa and Nass is a masterful group that I never tire of.

31iyp3keupl_sl500_aa240_2. Hu Vibrational : "Amma" - Universal Mother ... They say:

"Every instrument played on our recordings was made by

hand. Gourds, bamboo, wood, trees, rattan, clay, recycled bicycle spokes,

sand, seeds, and skin are creatively combined to make unique musical

instruments. If we listen, each instrument will teach us to play itself. When

our minds and hearts are open, we move aside to assist the instrument in

the telling of its story."

Hu Vibrational's new album mixes deep percussive African rhythms and Afro- Jazz with elements of hip-hop and electronica recorded in Los Angeles, California. This is the second from them and as you can see they are on some mystical isht with this.

51gm988611l_sl500_aa240_3. Anga : "Freeform" - Echua Mingua ... Conga virtuoso Miguel "Anga" Diaz has created perhaps the most daring solo excursion yet from the extended Buena Vista Social Club family. For his debut set as bandleader and composer, Anga blends old-school jazz, contemporary hip-hop beats and Malian music with conga-based, Afro-Cuban rhythms, resulting in a unique, worldly, mood-altering mix that European critics and fans have dubbed "Rumbadelica."

613h85bfrdl_sl500_aa240_4. Fuji Dub : "Fuji Dr. Ewon" - Lagos, Brooklyn, Brixton ... Fuji = Intense urban percussion music from Lagos, Nigeria. Fuji Dub = An anonymous fuji master recorded in Brooklyn, USA and remixed in Brixton, UK. Just a touch of King Sunny Ade on this gem that has an incredible drum roll that just won't quit.

lif_up_art5. Massive Gsine : "Chrloo" - Lif Up You Leg And Trample ... The idea for Lif Up Yuh Leg An Trample came when Blur front man Damon Albarn together with co-Honest Jons’ founders Mark Ainley and Alan Scholefield visited Carnival in Trinidad way back in '04. This worthy comp was my intro into the world of Soca and now for you as his cut from a relative unknown is pure fire, drink yer water.

6. Fuego Mambo : "Eso Fue To!" - Mad Decent ... Got to give it up to Diplo and Co. who've worked Mad Decent into a juggernaught of urban assault beats. This cut is from an obscure crew of Angolans who nevertheless lather it up here with more dance madness.


00250b17. Rondinone Tropical : "More Pricks Than Kicks" - Dounba ... Marcelo Rondinone is a multidimensional artist. Starting at 16 years old he's worked in audiovisual media, advertising, cinema, plastic arts, literature, and he is one of the first video jockeys (VJ) in South America. Later he started DJing tropical music, his style always both eclectic and worldly. For 4 years now he has been producing his own music. His influences are Chateaux Flight, Terranova, Death in Vegas, Suba, Amon Tobin, among others. Marcelo is an authentic agitator of new and young Argentine artists. With half of his heart in Prague, Marcelo tries to have a world vision of things. The first track he presents here, More Pricks than Kicks, is off his first album, Dounba.

brendafassie8. Brenda Fassie : "Straight I Lendaba" - Greatest Hits ... Fassie was a legendary South African pop singer widely considered a voice for disenfranchised blacks during apartheid. She was affectionately known as the Queen of African Pop. Quoted as saying: "I'm so good and so loving that men don't believe it."; she did just that and passed away in 2004 due to complications of a life lived under another motto of hers 'Live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse…"; and it was the drugs that got her this time. Respect, she made some of the freshest South African music ever and her legacy is a movement now known as Kwaito.


3855889. Sancho : "Chase Vampire" - Dancehall 101 vol.1 ... Wicked wicked heavy like lead classic digi riddim and a duplate favourite ! I love this riddim so much and it's a pity it so seldom versioned these days. Sancho was one of the original artists on it and inna fine fashion!