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SloPig Brings Their Unique Food & Beverage Event To Milwaukee

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I have always loved Pork.  There was something about the flavor that kept me coming back.  Maybe it has something do with my southern heritage and roots. For a while, I had to hide my love of pork during the late 90's and early 2000's because of somewhat of a cultural backlash.  But the pig is back. Thanks to shows like Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, the pig has seen a resurgence in mainstream culinary culture.  

“Is there any better, more noble, more magical animal than the pig? Not from a cook’s perspective there isn’t. Virtually every single part of a pig can be made into something delicious. Pork makes just about everything taste better, and no beast offers more variety, more possibilities, more traditional, time-tested recipes per ounce than the humble piggy..."

-Anthony Bourdain, Les Halles Cookbook

Of course there is still a stigma with how most Americans get their pigs from factory farms, but there is a growing movement to raise pigs in more humane way. Pigs that are raised more humanely and ethically are called Heritage Pigs, and that is where this great event called SloPig comes into play.

Last year, I discovered event that started in Madison, Wisconsin called SloPig. SloPig was conceived by couple of foodies that want to celebrate heritage pigs and great cocktails. I was so happy to find out these same folks are bring the SloPig event to Milwaukee. The main event will at the InterContinental Hotel on April 22, 2012.  There will be a pre-event at Great Lakes Distillery on Friday, April 13. This event will feature a butchery demo and ice carving.  The main event at the InterContinental Hotel will feature a Heritage Hog Tasting Room, Celebrity Chef Whole Pig competition, craft punch cocktail competition and a butchery demostration.  

The chef competition will feature 6 Wisconsin-based chef’s competing for top honors. Each chef will be offered a whole heritage breed hog sustainably raised on pastureland in beautiful Southern Wisconsin. It will then be up to each chef to plan and prepare 5 to 7 small dishes to be judged by attendees and a panel of professional judges. After the votes are tallied, a winner will be crowned and awarded a one of a kind SloPig cast iron pan poured just for this event.

You can tickets for both event via the SloPig website.



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