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Listen To The Top 30 Milwaukee Stories of 2012

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Besides featuring a lot of local music, 88Nine RadioMilwaukee tells quite a few amazing and inspiring stories about Milwaukee people and organizations.  In 2012, we covered stories about veterans to underwear bike rides and everything in between.  Below are the 30  most listened to and read Milwaukee stories of 2012.  What some of your favorites?

30. Milwaukee Streetcar Public Forum
Expect the city to change quite a bit in the next four years. By summer 2016, the Milwaukee Streetcar should be up and running.

29. Milwaukee's Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
With the price of gas constantly on the rise, drivers are looking for ways to stretch their dollars. Public transportation, carpooling and riding a bicycle are all great options, but sometimes you need to get from one place to the next more quickly.

28. Shops of Grand Avenue Bouncing Back After Foreclosure
When news broke that The Shops of Grand Avenue entered foreclosure late in October, the mall bagan looking for ways to bolster occupancy, and with it, its image.

27. VETransfer
VETransfer is a business accelerator program that’s funded through the Department of Veteran Affairs Innovation Initiative. The program offers free entrepreneurial services to qualifying veteran owned companies.

26. Uncle Ronnie & Miracal
Diverse and Resilient is a nonprofit organization that focuses on creating a healthy environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people throughout Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin…

25. Urban Students Explore Mequon Nature Preserve
Taking a walk through the woods or park can be a great way to unwind. But if you live in the city, escaping to the unspoiled quiet of nature can be difficult…

24. Milwaukee Achiever Adult Literacy Services
Nearly one fifth of adults in the City of Milwaukee are considered "functionally illiterate." That’s according to Milwaukee Achiever Adult Literacy services.

23. Milwaukee's Trolley Loop
The Milwaukee Trolley Loop is making rounds throughout Downtown Milwaukee and it’s ready for more passengers! 

22. Midnight Ministry offers a warm blanket, food and hope to ex-convicts
When Milwaukee County inmates are released from jail or correctional facilities, it's often without much advanced notice. In fact, ex-offenders used to be released at midnight…

21. Alice’s Garden
Alice’s Garden is two-acres of an urban, community garden and it’s tucked away between 21st Street and Garfield Avenue. Alice’s Garden educates, connects and welcomes neighbors, families and individuals across Greater Milwaukee…

20. SHARE Mobile Markets
I recently went to the Riverview Terrace on Milwaukee’s East Side to check out a SHARE Mobile Market. The mobile markets are designed to bring healthy, affordable food to Metro Milwaukee neighborhoods that are underserved by traditional grocery stores, also known as ‘food deserts’…

19. Bringing Bike Share To Milwaukee
Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, Houston, San Antonio -- to name a few -- have the program in place. Even not-so-major cities like Des Moines and Boulder have the program. And right here in Wisconsin, you'll find the program active in Madison. So why not Milwaukee?

18. Historic Concordia Neighborhood
A mansion morphed into an elementary school. Several historic homes are now cozy bed and breakfasts. Stables have become more like cubicles. The historic properties of Concordia Neighborhood have gone through a lot of changes over the years…

17. African American Drowning Disparity
It doesn't matter what color you are -- if you're a kid, you're probably attracted to water. But, tragically, hundreds of kids die every year from drowning. We looked at the research and found a disturbing statistic: African American children are considerably more likely to die from drowning than their Caucasian counterparts, according to the Centers for Disease Control…

16. UWM's School of Freshwater Science - Science in Our Backyard
For undergraduate science students looking to get into graduate school, one of the best ways to enhance their academic profile is through hands-on lab experience. But for many students, those opportunities aren't available at their university…

15. Missing Milwaukee: The Lost Buildings of Downtown
Whether you're a history buff or just a fan of architechture, there's an abundance of both in Downtown Milwaukee…

14. Children's Hospital Anti-Bullying Campaign
It's hard to make it through middle school without occasionally getting teased. Seventh grade is an awkward time for any student. Things are changing, hormones are starting to percolate, and emotions are running high. That could be why some parents, educators, and students sometimes overlook the "bullying" topic in schools, some of them even saying it's a rite of passage…

13. UWM's Sustainable Gardens
On college campuses, everything begins again in the fall. A new semester means new classes, new challenges, and new faces. And at UW-Milwaukee, fall also means a new harvest…

12. Rock the Green 2012
With a goal of near zero waste, Rock the Green was a one of a kind music festival. From composting food scraps, to providing free on-site water instead of selling bottles, the festival aimed to reduce per capita waste to less than one ounce…

11. New Cafe for Veterans
A new cafe is opening this spring inside Veterans Manor at 34th and Wisconsin Avenue. The newest addition to the first floor will be Troop Cafe, set to open in the Spring of 2013…

10. Learning Mindfully (K-12 Yoga) at Hawley Environmental School
Susan Lubar-Solveng has been trying to manage the clutter in her mind for a long time. Through yoga, she discovered the concept of mindfulness…

9. Milwaukee Makerspace
It's part underground art, part secret society, and kind of ... strange. Walk into Milwaukee Makerspace and you're guaranteed to see something new…

8. MUSA - Midwest Unconventional Sports Association
The Midwest Unconventional Sports Association organizes more than 100 teams, with more than 2,000 participants in the Milwaukee area…

7. Chill on the Hill
It's another sign of summer - Chill on the Hill in Bay View's Humboldt Park…

6. NuGenesis Farm: Life-Saving Organic Food?
We've heard a lot about the benefits of eating organic in the last few years. I admit, when I first heard about the health benefits, I thought it was just another diet fad. Critics of the organic lifestyle say it's needlessly expensive, and the health benefits are merely speculation at best...

5. MMSD Skimmer Boat
The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District has been working hard to clean up Milwaukee’s waterways for the past 15 years. And just recently, MMSD along with the City of Milwaukee unveiled the new river skimmer boat, Lynryd Skymmr!

4. High School Freshman's Response to Bullies
Hannah Mrozak is an aspiring singer and actress. And for a 14-year-old, she's got some pipes!

3. Candy Cane Lane in West Allis: For kids of all ages
Candy Cane Lane started back in 1984, when a group of neighbors got together to collect money for the MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer), inspired by a boy in the neighborhood that was diagnosed with cancer.

2. Underwear Bike Ride
What started as a small birthday bike ride among friends has grown into one of the most exhilarating group bike rides in the city. You can spot the group easily - the riders are all in their undies…

1. Under MKE with Robert Burns
There’s a dark side of Milwaukee that many people never get to see. And for good reason - it can be quite dangerous...