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Jay-Z Turns His Book, "Decoded" In To A Virtual and Physical Game

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Whatever you think of Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z, you can't deny his business and marketing chops.  He definitely knows how to create a buzz about anything he creates.  That includes his forthcoming book "Decoded", which is set to hit the store shelves on November 16. "Decoded" is book full of rhymes and stories from his life.  How do you think a person like Jay-Z would try to market a book? By turning it into a game.

Jay-Z has partnered with Google's rival Microsoft Bing to create an interactive game involving "Decoded." The game kind of works like a scavenger hunt that exists in the virtual and physical world. Pages from the book are placed in a variety of locations from around the world with most of them located in New York City.  The location depends on the content of the page.  There will be a total of 400 clues to help you find the pages. Pages could be located on billboards to swimming pools or even clothing racks in a retail store. 

If you play the game online, you will use Microsoft Bing tools such as Bing Map and its birds-eye view and streetside imagery features. It also utilize Bing Entertainment features to incorporate pictures and videos and audio.

You can also the play the game in the 'real' world by locating the page in the actual location. Once a page is found, one will get a unique game code from the page to be using in various prize drawings. A signed copy of the page that a person finds or even two tickets to see Jay-Z and Coldplay in concert in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve. Everyone who finds a page is entered into the drawing. You can start playing the game now from the special Bing "Decoded" website. (via Mashable)

I have to say, it is a very unique way to sell a book. What do you think? Will you play the game? Is it good way to get young people to read more books?