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Hipmunk Makes Searching For A Flight During The Holidays As Easy As Searching On Google

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Trying to find a good flight for the holidays and for winter vacations is sometimes a pain in the "you know what".  So many airlines and travel sites are very time consuming to find the best flight becomes a chore and then you need a vacation from searching for a flight. 

That where the Hipmunk comes in to play.  I have to say it is the best air travel site period. It is very simple.  It is as if Google created the site.  It takes all the necessary information when searching for flight and places it in a easy to navigate and read user interface.  

 "Hipmunk makes intelligent decisions about which flights to show you. For example, if there’s a cheap, non-stop flight on your favorite airline, Hipmunk will hide more expensive one-stop options on other airlines." - Hipmunk.com

When you first get to the site,  there are only four fields to fill out. No visual distractions like ads, pop-ups, and other things you really don't need.  Once you selected the destination and dates, you will get a very visual search results  of your flight, which you can then sort by price, departure time, stops, arrival time, flight duration, and what Hipmunk calls Agony.  Agony is combination of duration, price, and number of stops.  It is so easy and fast that it is scary.  You can create multiple search tabs similar to your web browser.  The site eliminates the act of hitting your back button like on other travel sites.  Here is a very cute video that explains how great the site is for finding the best flights.