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Global Music With a Concience...Sound Travels

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In keeping with the theme of the month here at the station, I thought what better way to end the month's Sound Travels with a special edition of conscious music from around the world. The mix was harder for all the particularities of building a groove around a theme or purpose, but I got it good and laid it down. As ever, the mix is from all over and I have re-posted it here so you can listen, re-listed and get down anytime you wanna hear that sound.

Sound Travels - Global With A Conscience


1. Midnite : "Love The Life You Live" - Midnite ... I'll go out on a limb and say Midite, who hails from the Virgin Islands, is one of the most important, active reggae acts in the world. Fronted by the Vaughn brothers, Ron and Benjamin, these cats make album at a fine clip of two or three a year and rock crowds into a trance with heavy vibes. Their manners are all roots reggae and spirituality so deep that their inity with positive messages is inspiredby humanity, consciousness and divinity.


2. Massukos : "Bumping" - Bumping ... These Cats are Lusophonic, which really means they speak Portuguese, and they represent a positive face for music from Mozambique, a former Portuguese colony on the the Southeast side of Africa. What this cut is about is anyone's guess but it makes me feel positive. Tribal and contemporary, these cats are often referred to as the Buena Vista Social Club of Mozambique for good reason...good in any season.

3. Bonga : "Muadikine" - Angola 72 ... Another favorite here, Angolan born Bonga, knows how to work a guitar and on this cut it's evident. What is harder to guess is that he was an Olympic-class runner for Angola back in the day. That was before he took up music, as a way to work for civil rights and equality in his native country through music. He's a legend in Angola for his positive themes though unknown here...prepare for your initiation.

4. SoulJazz Orchestra : "Fredom No Go Die" - Freedom No Go Die ... I'll tell y'all now, I ain't ever gonna be sick of the afrobeat-inspired motif that's been simmering globally and manifested by bands like Antibalas, Kokolo, Nomo and this band here-- The Souljazz Orchestra. The tune is of course Fela-esque, positive and funky-fresh.

5. Curumin : "Esperanca" - Japanpopshow ... This cat is one of my favorite Brazilian performers. Curumin does a bit of alot with dub, hip hop, and samba-funk in the mix. This cut is a slow, fredom inspired cut that bubbles with funkiness and is from his most excellent and very new album Japanpopshow, which is out now on the hip hoplabel Quannum Projects.

6. African Simba : "Alternative Power" - Jahtarian Dubbers vol.1 ... An excellent offering from a crew making digital dub and Stepped-out dancehall. The Milwaukee connection is surprising as the Mil-Town legend Ras Amerlock does a lot of work for Jahtarian. The tune is a righteous cut from the gruff cry of dancehall unknown; African Simba.

7. Daara J : "Esperanza" - Boomerang ...From the third release of Senegal's Daara J come a cut of positivity from a group that generally represents themselves as positive African Hip Hop. Some of the best from West-Africa.